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About Us

Chesslearn is a platform that makes the students to learn chess both in online and offline. Our professional chess trainers train the students and professionals with the help of advanced interactive chess learning tool with full backup of the game played during the session and while practice.

Chesslearn Services

The services offered by us are with extreme standards and we focus on all types of coaching to satisfy all people and students across the world.

Individual Classes

We provide the personalized Online and offline training for the individual one to one and for groups One to Many.

School Classes

Chesslearn associates with the school and provide them the learning tool software for both their Chess trainer and the students.

Group Classes

Group Classes are offered at a very affordable fees and we focus on the improvement of the students. 

Accessible features

Student who gets enrolled with us will get access to the below listed features of the academy.It is designed for the students betterment and improvement in playing skills.

Online Assignments

Homework problems and studies will be assigned to students and their performance is tracked

Blind Bot

Students get to play blindfold chess against engine to improve their visualization skills


Students tournament games are shared to the coaches for quick access and detailed analysis

Intra Academy Play

Students can play with each other online. Games are saved automatically for analysis

Edit PGN's

Edit and analyse your PGN data and share it with the coach for annotationsm.Create PGN’s of tournament games and share it with the coach.


Students’ progress are tracked on a daily basis and constant feedback will be given to them

5k+ students trust us

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Connect with Chesslearn for better coaching experience

We have a network chesslearn centers accross india. If you want to open one in your locality, kindly contact our team at [email protected] for more information.



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